Courting Ghosts

Original Americana and folk with occasional touches of jazz and rock

Courting Ghosts, a band known for its unique blend of acoustic and folk music with occasional forays into rock and jazz, places melody at the heart of everything they do. Their music ranges from expansive acoustic ballads to lively, tempo-driven songs, showcasing their versatility and commitment to crafting evocative music.

Since their first performance in 2023, Courting Ghosts has embarked on an unwavering musical journey. They have devoted themselves to writing and refining their material, recording their debut album set for release in Spring 2024, and captivating audiences at a variety of venues—from intimate pubs and clubs to larger county music centers and songwriter festivals.

Courting Ghosts are Chris Hoar, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Marcel Rose, lead guitar, Dave Turner on keyboards, Andy Maggs on bass and Dermot James on drums.